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iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I decided time ago to buy an iPad Pro and Apple’s Pencil.

So finally i bought it. The reason about this purchase is that i had to accelerate the workflow. I mean every time i sketched a idea, a character, each single sketch it was made with pen or pencil on the paper and I had always to use scan it to showing to Clients. This step, this process it is a waste of time, often i need to fixes some sketches and again scanning… Well this is the past!
I try the Apple Pencil and i love it! With the Illustrator App is awesome! Same fluid lines, as a pen/pencil, simple intuitive. I made some test and i confirmed my supposition, i shared my sketches with email but it is possible also with Adobe Cloud.
Just Perfect!

Why not a Wacom? I have it. I think that is not the same thing.

Why not an Cintiq? Too expensive and is not portable like the ipad (iPad Pro 9,7″)



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